Artistry products for your Beauty

Artistry (brand of Amway) is a global leader in skin care and makeup cosmetics that sets the direction and standards for science in the world of skin care. Always with an eye on the latest trends, Amway creates on-trend high-quality Beauty products to provide personalised solutions.

Supplements for Your Skin

Just like the body has nutritional needs to be healthy, so does the skin — so our products work like supplements for your skin. They transform your look and reveal visibly healthy skin.

These values lie at the core of the Artistry™ brand and all our products, from skincare and makeup to fragrance and body. They are our inspiration, our daily focus and the source of our passion.

Powered by Advanced Skin Science + plant-based nutrients

The latest cutting-edge research amplifies nature’s superstars — many from Nutrilite™ farms. This is what drives the visible results of Healthy Beauty.

Our formulas are infused with Nutrilite™-grown botanicals —  selected, refined and amplified by Artistry™ skin science.

Created Clean and Traceable

Traceability is knowing where products come from and how they are made — and our Nutrilite™ botanicals are clean and traceable from seed to skin. Safe, pure and conscientiously made.

Personalized For You

We believe that every woman’s individual beauty is a work of art. The Artistry™ brand is passionate about empowering all women to discover, own and revel in their unique beauty. Artistry™ brand includes products for skincare, makeup, body care and Fragrance. Artistry™ formulas are crafted with your one-of-a-kind face in mind.  They’re targeted to your needs and matched to what makes you, you.

We believe that beauty is not one solution for all – it should be customised to your needs and lifestyle. Therefore, we do not just sell you products, we also help you understand your skin’s needs and the colours that suit you best to develop personally tailored regimes, as each of our consultants is trained to do. The new Artistry Skin Nutrition™ collection is clean, vegan and never tested on animals. Our formulas are infused with Nutrilite™-grown botanicals — selected, refined and amplified by Artistry™ skin science.

Cutting-Edge Research Respected worldwide.

With a research-and-development staff including Ph.D.’s and other experts, the renowned Artistry™ Innovation & Science team (I&S) is continuously engaged in groundbreaking research into the science of Healthy Beauty—and has been for decades. Few companies can match the depth and breadth of our science.
Our scientists are experts in every key field in the study of skin, from skin physiology to toxicology, botany to biochemistry. Because of this, we approach Healthy Beauty from every angle. Far beyond a typical cosmetic company, we’re proud to say we don’t just cite scientific papers, we WRITE scientific papers. Over the years our groundbreaking work in the field of beauty has been recognized with over 200 patents around the world.


Here are the top five of our favorite ARTISTRY products

Firming Ultra Lifting Cream Artistry Skin Nutrition™

Experience the richest, most comprehensive anti-ageing moisturiser in the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ collection. Firms the appearance of sagging skin, reducing the look of lines, deep-set wrinkles, expression lines and discoloration.

Experience the richest, most comprehensive anti-ageing moisturiser in the Artistry Skin Nutrition™ collection. See a rosy, youthful glow — a hallmark of visibly healthy skin.

The skin´s Moisture Barrier is restored and strengthened to help maintain higher moisture levels. Skin feels denser as its firmness and supple flexibility are improved. Facial contours appear youthfully restored.

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Gel cleanser Essentials by ARTISTRY™

A gentle gel that deeply cleanses skin and removes make-up, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean.

When it comes to day-to-day skincare, smart and simple solutions are the best. Like this 3-in-1 essentials by Artistry Gel Cleanser, which cleanses, tones and refreshes in one. This water-based, oil-free gel deeply and effectively cleanses and tones your skin to leave it feeling fresh, soft and pH balanced. Its gentle formula combines antioxidant and antimicrobial cucumber with soothing Aloe Vera to help produce a fresh, well- hydrated complexion. It is fast, effective and convenient skincare! 

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Gelio prausiklis Essentials by ARTISTRY™

Hydrating mask Artistry Signature Select™

Artistry Signature Select™ Hydrating Mask delivers instant and long-lasting moisture while helping to protect skin from the environment. 

Skin that feels tight, dry and uncomfortable, is a sure sign that it is in need of an infusion of moisture. Artistry Signature Select Hydrating Mask contains a special moisturising liposome and Sodium Hyaluronate that restores lost moisture in the skin while creating long-lasting hydration. Nutrilite ™-sourced Green Tea Extract provides antioxidant protection and helps to defend skin against external irritants such as pollution, air-conditioning and even recycled air on an airplane.

Apply a generous layer of this luxurious soufflé-like mask onto areas where you’re experiencing dryness and dehydration, such as your forehead, cheeks and nose, and don’t forget to bring it down onto your neck and décolleté which often get overlooked. Relax with the fresh and uplifting scent of juicy green notes and sparkling citrus.
Use in combination with other Artistry Signature Select masks to create your own personalised multi-masking experience.  

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Drėkinamoji kaukė Artistry Signature Select™

Firming Kit Artistry Signature Select™

This two-part Kit includes the Firming Amplifier which, when mixed with the Base Serum, nourishes your skin and improves its natural elasticity and ‘bounce’. Thanks to the serum’s strengthening effects on the internal support system of your skin, you could reverse sagging skin for a firmer-looking complexion.

With the power of up to 3 serums in 1, Artistry Signature Select™ Personalized Serum combines powerful Nutrilite™ botanicals and advanced Artistry™ skincare technologies to target and treat your unique skin concerns. Create your personalized mix by selecting a starting Kit and adding up to 2 more Amplifiers. Choose from: Hydration, Anti-Wrinkle, Firming, Anti-Spot and Brightening. If your main skin concern is restoring firmness and elasticity, this Firming Kit is the solution for you. Add up to 2 more Amplifiers to customize your serum. 

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Stiprinamųjų priemonių nuo raukšlių rinkinys Artistry Signature Select™

Dermasonic device ARTISTRY™

Artistry™ DERMASONIC deeply cleanses pores using 30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibrations, while powerful Derma Ion Galvanic massages skincare ingredients deep into the skin.

You probably know that skin’s protective film plays a special roleprotecting the skin from external influences and simultaneously preventing nutritional content from escaping through the skin. What you probably do not know is that because of this skin does not absorb cosmetics content after use – in reality the content only penetrates the skin’s surface. We have a solution for that! Dermasonic Device Artistry prepares the skin for skincare products by using 30,000 Hz ultrasonic vibration, which deeply cleanses pores with bubble jets. Thanks to the powerful Derma Ion Galvanic stimulation and massage, skincare ingredients are delivered deep into the skin, thus bringing out the ultimate benefits.

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Dermasonic prietaisas ARTISTRY™